January 3, 1903

A merchant in Ozark County reported that the drought had destroyed the grain and vegetable crops and some families were “subsisting almost entirely upon acorns.”

January 2, 1932

In Brookline near Springfield, the Young Gang shot six police officers dead. Six gang members were involved as well as two other gunmen. One of those was believed to be “Pretty Boy Floyd.” When finally cornered, the gang shot themselves rather than surrender.

January 1, 1939

Landlords in Butler, Pemiscot, New Madrid, and Dunklin counties evicted hundreds of sharecroppers (black and white) who then moved their possessions onto the roadways of Highways 60 and 61.

Ride With Us on the Katy Trail in October 2022

This year we're bringing our cross-state ride, Big BAM, to the Katy Trail! We'll kick off in St. Charles on October 6, then camp in Hermann, Jefferson City, Boonville, Sedalia, and finally end in Pleasant Hill on October 11.

December 30, 1949

The May Company announced the construction of the Southtown Famous-Barr, a massive, three-story department store being built at the corner of Chippewa Street and Kingshighway Boulevard in south St. Louis.

December 31, 1928

Marlin Perkins, host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and director of the St. Louis Zoo, was bitten by a Gaboon viper and became one of only a few people to ever survive such a bite.