Visit these sites to learn more about the state’s native heritage.

Crisp Museum • Cape Girardeau

View native artifacts and a video. 518 South Fountain Street 573-651-2260 •

Graham Cave State Park • Danville

Artifacts recovered here suggest Paleo- Indians occupied the area as far back as 10,000 years ago. 217 Route TT • 573-564-3476 •

Washington State Park • De Soto

This park contains the largest group of petroglyphs yet discovered in Missouri, evidence of American Indian culture from around ‚ƒ 1000. 13041 State Route 104 • 636-586-5768 •

Towosahgy State Historic Site • East Prairie

This is the site of one of the largest Mississippian Mound Builder villages in the Bootheel. Ceremonies were conducted here until ‚ƒ1420.

Reynolds County Genealogy and Historical Society Museum • Ellington

See a small collection of Indian relics. 233 South 2nd Street • 573-663-3233 •

Golden Missouri Pioneer Museum • Golden

A big collection has arrowheads, spear points, baskets, tools, and pottery. 35930 State Route 86 • 417-271-3300

Mastodon State Historic Site • Imperial

This site offered the first proof of prehistoric tribes with Ice Age animals. Take a trail to the site where bones and artifacts were found. 1050 Charles J. Becker Drive 636-464-2976 •

Trail of Tears State Park • Jackson

See a memorial and exhibits about the Cherokee tribes who crossed the Mississippi River and traveled through Missouri in a forced march to relocate in Oklahoma. The view overlooks the river. 429 Moccasin Springs • 573-290-5268 •

Clark’s Hill/Norton State Historic Site • Jefferson City

Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark camped here during their expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory. Visitors may walk up the hill to see the the Osage and Missouri Rivers ’ confluence and two Indian mounds that Clark wrote about in his journal. Osage Hickory Street • 573-449-7402 •

Missouri State Museum • Jefferson City

There are several dozen native artifacts in this state Capitol museum. 201 West Capitol • 573-751-2854 •

Thousand Hills State Park • Kirksville

A shelter protects petroglyphs made by the area’s inhabitants more than 1,500 years ago. Call before traveling to ensure the building is open. 20431 State Route 157 660-665-6995 •

Onondaga Cave State Park • Leasburg

The cave’s name comes from Iroquois Indians and means “People of the Mountain.” The Osage Nation recognizes Onondaga Cave as one of many sacred sites in Missouri. 7556 Route H • 573-245-6576 •

Lexington Historical Museum • Lexington

See an exhibit about the Osage Indians and other historical displays. 112 South 13th Street • 660-259-6313

Bollinger County Museum of Natural History • Marble Hill

This southeast Missouri museum contains Native American artifacts. 207 Mayfield Drive • 573-238-1174 •

Van Meter State Park • Miami

The American Indian Cultural Center here features artifacts from the Missouria Indian village that was located at a bend of the Missouri River . Burial mounds and hand-dug earthworks show the site had been occupied since the 1400s. Displays tell the history of the Otoe-Missouria, Osage, Delaware, Ioway, Ilini-Peoria, Kanza, Kickapoo, Sac and Fox, and Shawnee tribes. 32146 North Missouri Route 122 660-886-7537 •

John Colter Museum and Visitor Center • New Haven

See Native American artifacts at this museum named for a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. 200 Main Street • 573-237-3830

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield • Republic

This area was home to several tribes, including the Delaware, near the James River valley in the early 1800s. 6424 West Farm Road 182 417-732-2662, ext. 227 •

Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum • Ridgedale

This museum houses an extensive collection of American Indian artifacts. 150 Top of the Rock Road 417-339-5308 •

Fort Osage National Historic Landmark • Sibley

Rebuilt to portray Fort Osage as it was in 1812, the site has exhibits about its geology, history, and the Hopewell and Osage native cultures. 107 Osage Street • 816-650-3278 •

Maramec Spring Park • St. James

Cherokee groups using the northern route passed through this valley and camped at Maramec Spring on their way to Indian Territory in the 1830s. A museum houses exhibits and signage indicates trail segments. 21880 Maramec Spring Drive • 573- 265-7387 •

St. Joseph Museum • St. Joseph

This museum has an extensive collection of tribal items from various North America regions, including pottery, clothing, weapons, and more . 3406 Frederick Avenue • 816-232-8471 •

Gateway Arch Museum • St. Louis

History galleries include an American Indian peace medal collection and other artifacts at this renovated museum. 11 North 4th Street • 877-982-1410 •

Sugarloaf Mound Urban • St. Louis

St. Louis surrounds the last remaining mound of about 40 in this area built by a native culture between ”• 600 and 1300. The same culture built the earthen works preserved at Cahokia Mounds in Illinois. 4420 Ohio Street

Meramec State Park • Sullivan

At Fisher Cave here, the skeleton of a Native American was found in the 1930s. A trail leads to the entrance of Cliff Cave, formerly called Indian Cave , where many arrowheads, spear points, and other artifacts have been found. 115 Meramec Park Drive 573-468-6072 •

Osage Village State Historic Site • Walker

An Osage Indian village of nearly 3,000 once thrived here near the Osage River . A walking trail and outdoor exhibits show visitors what daily life was like. Route C • 417-682-2279 •

Iliniwek Village State Historic Site • Wayland

Set on a high sand terrace above the Des Moines River floodplain near the Iowa border, this is the only known site of an Iliniwek Indian village in Missouri, occupied around 1640 to 1670. State Route 27 • 660-877-3871 •

Laughlin Park • Waynesville

The park, near Roubidoux Creek and Roubidoux Spring, was used as a Cherokee encampment during the Trail of Tears migration. A walking trail features seven wayside exhibits. 100 Historic Route 66 • 573-774-6171 •

Weston Historical Museum • Weston

View rare Native American moccasins and other artifacts depicting life long ago in Platte County. 601 Main Street • 816-386-2977 •