Book Review: Midwest Architecture Journeys

A new title from Belt Publishing explores the architecture of the region.

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Book Review: Prairie Wildflowers

Prairie Wildflowers provides a companion on journeys through Missouri’s grasslands and beyond.

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An Ozark Anthology

The Literature of the Ozarks: An Anthology

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Backpacking Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain offers a 12-mile loop with 1,683 feet of elevation change, respectable for the Midwest. Bell Mountain also offers something that you can’t get anywhere else in the…

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Woody Adkins Puts Traditional Country Music on the Air in Columbia

For the last 17 years, Woody has hosted country music programs on KOPN. He began his Midnight Country show, which aired Sundays from midnight to 3 AM, in 2000. He gained a loyal…

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7 Time-Honored State Fair Traditions

Each year there’s something new to see, and yet some components of the Fair date back from before Missouri actually had a designated State Fair. Let’s take a walk through time and…

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Missouri’s Last Drive-Ins

Since the height of their popularity, drive-ins have endured rising land prices, daylight savings time, and most recently, the end of 35mm projection— all of which have…

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The Doobie Brothers Donate $22,000 of Music Equipment to Van Buren High School

Jeff Chapman is in his first year teaching music at Van Buren but before he started teaching, he was a musician. “I started out playing in the same room I’m teaching in,” he says.…

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William Least Heat-Moon’s Debut Novel Takes a Spiritual Journey

By the third chapter of William Least Heat-Moon’s first fictional work, we learn that the handheld device Silas places the most confidence in is the compass, owing to its reliance…

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In Bloom

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