Yeasted Waffles With Cider Syrup

These waffles are the perfect treat for a brisk winter morning. The cider adds a hint of tartness to the flavor of the batter, and the cider syrup…

Vinnie Ream

January 25, 1871

The very talented sculptress from Christian College in Columbia, Vinnie Ream, at age 18 was given the commission by Congress to sculpt the statue of…

January 24, 1883

Several breweries including Miller and Schlitz were making a beer they called Budweiser.

Inside the 50th Miss Black America Pageant

The 50th Anniversary Miss Black America Pageant celebrates black beauty, empowerment, and positivity in a national TV special with Kansas City…

Howard County Courthouse Fayette Missouri

January 23, 1816

Howard County, known as "The Mother County" because so many future counties were chiseled out of its original border, was formed on this early date.

Randolph County

January 22, 1829

Randolph County was founded on this date.

Forest Park St. Louis

January 19, 1871

On this date, Hiram Leffingwell presented his plans for a huge city park west of Kingshighway in St. Louis.

Frozen Mississippi River St. Louis

January 17, 1854

The Mississippi was frozen over and a saloon keeper set up business in the middle of the river.

Big Cedar Lodge Adds Luxury Camping Options

Camp Long Creek at Big Cedar sits on the lakeshore, next to Bass Pro Shops Long Creek Marina, and features 64 units that include shepherd’s huts,…

January 9, 1809

On this date Moses Austin and Samuel Hammond Purchased 400 arpens of land to lay out the town of Herculaneum.