Joplin, Missouri Main Street

Joplin is Incorporated: March 23, 1873

Joplin was incorporated on this day by the state, but it had already been there for a long and colorful time.

From Dragons to Pandas: Animals Aglow Takes the St. Louis Zoo by Storm

Experience the magic of an Animals Aglow adventure at the Saint Louis Zoo! Over 60 dazzling Chinese lanterns illuminate pathways and showcase…

Battle of the Hemp Bales

Take in all of the Civil War history that fills the Anderson House and the nearby 100-acre battlefield. Find out all about the Battle of Hemp Bales…

Wild bird on river

8 National Wilderness Areas Where You Can Heed the Call of the Wild

Parks and trails lace Missouri like cracks in cobblestone, places where you can escape from urban life and commune with nature among windswept glades…

St. Louisan Sends the First Tweet: March 21, 2006

Jack Dorsey, St. Louis native and founder of Twitter, sent the very first post on the platform (called a Tweet) on this date in 2006.

Go Wild! Grow Native!

If you love gardening, you’ll love this plant sale, where five vendors will share all the reasons to prefer native plants, which are easier to care…

Nature is Out of Control

Growing grapes is farming. Subject to all the same issues when dealing with Mother Nature. Columnist Doug Frost takes you on a journey where nature…

A Small State Park with a Big Geologic Story to Tell

Formed 50 millions years ago, this state park has geological treasures to share. Meander along one trail to see the flora of ten thousand years ago.

Joseph Smith Writes Letter From Liberty Jail: March 20, 1839

Joseph Smith wrote the first part of his two-part Letter From Liberty Jail on this date in 1839.