Cannabis is Medicine

One woman suffering from pain and sleep problems finds relief

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Joan E. is 66, has six grandchildren, was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for 37 years, and served in the Army for 13 years. She had her first back surgery when she was 48 and another surgery some years later. Joan suffers with sciatica pain and neuropathy and after her first surgery was prescribed codeine, but the pain was so severe she was later prescribed MS Cotin (extended-release Morphine). Her dose was increased several times over the 12 years she was taking it.

The medication had several side effects and made her tired and not feel like herself, but she was in pain and didn’t know what else to do. Walking was impossible and because of her mobility issues, she gained 50 pounds. Joan had doctors who treated her like an addict, even though her doctor was prescribing the medicine she was taking.

She finally decided she wanted to stop taking the MS Cotin and weaned herself off it, despite her doctor continuing to prescribe it to her. She was still in pain, so she did some research about medical marijuana as an alternative and decided she wanted to give it a try. She was raised in Missouri, but at the time, lived in Indiana. She decided to move back to Missouri when her home state legalized medical marijuana.

Joan got her medical card in November 2019 and has been medicating with cannabis ever since.  Today her friends tell her she seems like her old self again. She no longer has trouble sleeping and has more energy to spend time with her grandchildren—and to live her life to the fullest. She also regained her mobility, which enabled her to lose the 50 pounds she gained.

When asked what she would say to people who have concerns about trying cannabis as medicine, Joan said, “Cannabis is natural and doesn’t have the nasty side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. Do you like being sick? Wouldn’t you like something to feel better? Cannabis may be the solution. Just try it, you may be surprised.” 

Cannabis is her medicine!

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This article is presented in partnership with Missouri Health & Wellness.