March 30, 1945

Missouri's present Constitution became effective. It is our fourth.

March 28, 1905

Marlon Perkins was born in Carthage, MO on this date. He was an effective and popular head of the St. Louis Zoo and his national television show, "Wild Kingdom," ran for 23 years.

March 20, 1811

Birthday of perhaps Missouri's greatest artist, George Caleb Bingham from Franklin, Arrow Rock, and St. Louis, MO. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

March 17, 1804

Mountain man, Jim Bridger was born.

March 16, 1875

The W. J. Lewis a stern-wheeled mountain boat sank just north of the mouth of the Missouri.

March 15, 1931

The final Missouri section of pavement was complete and Route 66 is opened between Rolla and Lebanon.

March 6, 1923

The cardinals came up with a new idea. Players would begin wearing numbers on their uniforms.

March 2, 1781

Birthday of Nathan Boone. The explorer, community leader, and soldier lived at Femme Osage (Defiance) and Ash Grove, Missouri.

March 1, 1893

At a meeting of the National Electric Light Association in St. Louis, Nikola Tesla made the first public demonstration of a new device called a radio.

February 27, 1851

"Plank Road Mania" was running wild and the legislature passed bills funding forty nine different road building companies.