Frozen Mississippi River St. Louis

January 17, 1854

The Mississippi was frozen over and a saloon keeper set up business in the middle of the river.

January 9, 1809

On this date Moses Austin and Samuel Hammond Purchased 400 arpens of land to lay out the town of Herculaneum.

The Honey War Map Iowa Missouri Border

January 3, 1851

The exact northern border of Missouri was established thus ending the dispute which had led to the Honey War in 1839.


December 20, 1812

Sacagawea died at Fort Manuel in South Dakota. As promised, Explorer/Governor William Clark took custody of her son, Jean Baptiste and her infant daughter Lisette and raised them in St. Louis.

Grand Republic Carondelet Missouri

December 17, 1875

The largest and most lavish steamer ever to sail on an inland waterway was launched on this day. The Grand Republic was built at Carondelet. It later burned while undergoing repairs there.

Dick Van Dyke West Plains Missouri

December 13, 1925

Birthday of singer-dancer-funnyman, Dick Van Dyke from West Plains, MO.

Phelps County

November 13, 1857

 Phelps County was formed on this date.

Kansas City Athletics New York Yankees 1966

November 8, 1954

The American League approved the transfer of Philadelphia’s Athletics to Kansas City. 

November 6, 1861

U.S. Grant sailed 3000 troops down the Mississippi to defeat confederate forces at the Battle of Belmont, Missouri.

James Gang Bank Robbery

October 30, 1866

The James Gang robbed the bank at Lexington.