Jefferson Barracks St. Louis

October 23, 1826

The historic military facility at Jefferson Barracks was given its present name.  Previously, it was known as Camp Adams. 

Kansas City Monarchs

October 22, 1922

The Kansas City Monarchs beat Babe Ruth and his all-star team in Kansas City.  

Buffalo Reflex

October 14, 1886

The Buffalo Reflex reported that, "The Kansas prodigals continue to return to old Dallas (County) thoroughly disgusted with that windy and grasshopper country."

October 12, 1837

The steamboat Chariton—which previously sank at the mouth of the Gasconade and was raised, sank at Independence and was raised, blew her boiler in St. Louis killing twelve and was repaired—sank in Euphrasie Bend near Glasgow on this date.

Steamboat Constitution

October 7, 1817

The second steamboat to ever be in St. Louis arrived on this date. It was the steamboat Constitution. 

Kansas City Paseo Massacre

September 20, 1948

Three policemen and one bystander were killed in what came to be known as Kansas City’s Paseo Massacre.  

Kansas City Star Office

September 18, 1880

The Kansas City Star was established and published its first edition. 

Winning Lottery Ticket

September 17, 2010

Ernest Pullen won a lottery prize of $2 million dollars on "Mega MONOPOLY" lottery ticket. Just a few months earlier, in June, he won $1 million on a "100 Million Dollar Blockbuster" ticket.

Broadway Bridge Kansas City

September 9, 1956

The Broadway Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River, opened in Kansas City. 

Porter Wagoner

August 12, 1927

Country music legend Porter Wagoner was born in West Plains on this day. He worked for years in Springfield on Radio and TV.