This article is presented in partnership with Visit Columbia.

Some say that art cleanses the soul and in Columbia, we tend to agree. That’s why our city is adorned in outdoor art and brimming with cultural institutions that are ready and waiting for you to explore. If you’re looking for inspiration or just for an escape from the everyday, check out this guide to start planning your arts and culture getaway.

A Public Art Haven

No tickets, no lines: much of Columbia’s most iconic art is completely free and sometimes you don’t even have to leave your car. You can take a self-guided tour and even download an app that will tell you all about more than 35 of our public art displays. To quote the city government, “The works were initiated by a range of businesses, individuals, and organizations, each with a different mission but all sharing the common view that art enriches the city.”

An Entire Neighborhood Dedicated to the Arts

Surround yourself with creative vibes the moment you step into the North Village Arts District. With more than 150 painters, actors, stylists, dancers, jewelers and beyond, you can immerse yourself in the arts in this cultural oasis. The NVAD prides itself on promoting accessibility and affordability so everyone can find a home in this vibrant neighborhood.

Feeling Inspired?

If our galleries and museums have you yearning to create, be sure to check out one of our DIY studios or organizations. The Columbia Art League offers workshops and classes in all different styles and media, while freestylers can visit paint-your-own ceramic spots like Pottery Island or The Mud Room.

Stay Safe

Please note, all visitors and residents of Columbia are required to wear masks in public places (WEAR – ordinance enforced). We also encourage maintaining a six-foot distance between people not from the same household (WATCH), as well as frequent and thorough hand washing and sanitizing (WASH).