This article is presented in partnership with the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau

Wine, chocolate, barbecue … whatever fare you fancy, you’ll find it in Columbia. The city has attracted talented purveyors and restaurateurs who take pride in satisfying even the most particular palate. Here are just a few of the businesses that give the city its flavor.

Since 2004, Spicewine Ironworks has been producing some of the most sought-after meat smokers in the country, but the company’s line of spices, rubs, sauces and marinades is more than just a sideline business. There’s nothing quite like a couple of American Royal “Best in the World” awards to put your sauce on the barbecue map, and lucky for us, all that sweet and spicy goodness is easy to find here in Spicewine Ironwork’s hometown.

Patric Chocolate isn’t quite as easy to procure, but chocolate lovers know it’s worth the effort. Patric is a bean-to-bar operation that sources the finest cocoa beans in the world for its extraordinary, award-winning creations. With 21 prestigious Good Food Award wins, Patric has earned an international reputation for excellence. Fans of this special chocolate watch for e-mails announcing each new release and order directly from the maker.

If you need chocolate and you need it right now, head to The Candy Factory for its finely crafted confections. The delicious aroma of indulgence greets you at the door, and inside you’ll find truffles, seasonal treats, and Columbia’s Valentine’s Day go-to gift: chocolate-covered strawberries. The downtown shop has been serving up temptation in Columbia since 1974.

The state’s third largest winery sits on a Missouri River blufftop, just a few miles west of Columbia. Les Bourgeois produces a tantalizing variety of wines—sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and an outstanding collector’s series. Among Les Bourgeois’ most celebrated offerings is its full-bodied Norton, and the sparkling Brut. The best way to find your favorite is to try a sip of each, which is exactly what you’re encouraged to do at Les Bourgeois’ Tasting Room.

Wine is in its name, so it stands to reason that The Wine Cellar & Bistro would put considerable thought into its wine list. In fact, that wine list is so well curated that it is a Wine Spectator magazine award-winner. Local ingredients are always on the menu, but this restaurant has gone beyond farm-to-table to create a “Seed to Table” menu featuring heirloom vegetables the chef grows from seed on his certified organic farm.

Patchwork Family Farms is based in Columbia, but supported by a network of family farms throughout the state that raise hogs using traditional methods. Patchwork’s providers abide by strict standards—their animals enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and are never subjected to synthetic growth hormones. This care results in high-quality pork products that are distributed in local grocery stores and featured on the menus of some of the city’s most popular restaurants.

You’ll find Patchwork Family Farms pork among the locally sourced ingredients on the menu at Sycamore, a restaurant that has earned a widespread reputation for putting a sophisticated spin on American cuisine. Sycamore is a favorite lunch spot for the downtown crowd, and the comfortable surroundings invite you to linger over dinner with friends. The menu changes frequently to take advantage of in-season produce, but the delectable pork belly sliders have earned a permanent spot.