This article is presented in partnership with Missouri Propane Education Association.

The Propane Inspiration Home at the Lake of the Ozarks was recently recognized as one of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)’s national Propane Projects of the Year. Built by Dave Leathers and Lake of the Ozarks Second Home Living, the Propane Inspiration Home showcases the desirable lifestyle propane brings to Missouri residences.

When propane is used in homes as a primary energy source, homeowners can enjoy performance, efficiency, comfort, and security benefits that are not possible in homes relying only on electric power.

For example, two Rheem high-efficiency propane furnaces in the Propane Inspiration Home provide warm, comfortable heat in addition to significant heating bill savings.

The Propane Inspiration Home’s spacious kitchen features a Wolf 48″ propane cooking range with six burners, an infrared griddle, and a convection oven.

Additionally, the home’s Navien propane tankless water heater will save the owner about $150 per year in energy costs compared with an electric unit while reducing the home’s carbon footprint and providing a continuous supply of hot water on demand. Propane also makes Missouri life better by offering the convenience, comfort, and security of indoor and outdoor cooking, a scene-setting fireplace, and reliable standby power.

The Propane Inspiration Home features a gorgeous view of the main channel of the Lake of the Ozarks and a cozy and convenient propane fireplace.

The Propane Inspiration Home received the highest score from this year’s Propane Project of the Year judges, who were impressed by the home’s overall efficiency efforts. “This home truly adopted propane as its go-to fuel to create an efficient and energy-saving combination,” says Matt Evans, a building systems analyst with Newport Ventures.

The home was the first in a series of Missouri homes that showcase the performance, efficiency, and comfort of propane amenities.

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