November 23, 1803

Lewis and Clark were still making their way toward St. Louis when they arrived at Cape Girardeau. Lewis was the dinner guest of Louis Lorimier. Clark was not welcome. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland. Lewis noted that there was also a group of “duch” (German) settlers who had already erected mills and a group of about 400 Shawnee.

TRIVIA: Clark was not welcome in Lorimier’s home because, years earlier, his older brother, George Rogers Clark, had burned Lorimier’s trading post and run him out of Ohio. This was because of the actions of Lorimier and his Shawnee allies during the French and Indian War. The 400 Shawnee came with Lorimier to Missouri. While in Missouri the Shawnee were operating ferry boats and other small businesses.

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