This Fulton Paper Goods Company is Making Waves Nationwide

Beth Snyder started her stationery company, One Canoe Two, in 2009 with an old letterpress and a vision.

“I have a deep love for making beautiful things for other people,” Beth says. “So much so that it’s always been my dream to be able to do it full time. That led me to start up an Etsy shop and get my work out into the world.”

Today, gifts and stationery created by this Fulton-based company appear on the shelves of fine boutiques nationwide and at major retailers including Anthropologie and Paper Source.

Beth’s business philosophy is simple, but eŠffective. “Be as kind as you possibly can, and put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What would make them light up with delight? How can you exceed their expectations? This philosophy also extends to the management of my team. I lead with a people-first mentality, and it pays oŠ every time.”

It’s a point of pride for Beth to provide employment in a small town.

“I feel so thankful that I’m able to bring a lot of jobs to a small town in Missouri,” she says. “I’ve lived in a big city, and while it was wonderful, you can make such a diŠfference in a community like Fulton. I’m inspired every day to keep our company successful so that we can continue to give back.”

The One Canoe Two product line includes calendars, journals, greeting cards, and even fabric. So what’s left for Beth and her team to conquer? “The world!” she says with a laugh. “But seriously, we are expanding our product line while focusing on making artwork and wholesome products that our customers get excited about.”