The concept of Katy O’Ferrell’s Irish Pub and Restaurant was born more than 80 years ago. In 1935, Florence Katherine Ferrell was raising funds to open a restaurant. She pinned a $1 silver certificate to the wall and said anyone who wanted to own a piece of the pub could do the same. Today, the original certificate is still on display at Katy O’Ferrell’s and guests pin dollar bills to the wall to mark their visits. The business, opened in 2014, is nestled in a historic 1800s building just blocks from the Mississippi River. It is owned by Florence Katherine’s family and managed by her great-grandson Christopher Dirnberger. A sign at the front door greets customers, declaring: “There are no strangers here, only friends who have not yet met.” The lively pub and warm, welcoming dining room boasts a massive fireplace and a wall of family history.

Some menu items are named after family and friends—Marvin’s Chicken Pubwich, after Florence Katherine’s husband, and Katy O’s Dirn Burger, after Christopher and his family. Father Kelly’s Celtic Pot Pie is named after the local priest who was a frequent guest and often joked about adding his name to the menu because of his Irish descent.

The menu also features traditional family recipes and from-scratch dishes such as shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, fish and chips, and corned beef and cabbage. Less conventional options include Irish stuff˜ed mushrooms filled with cream cheese, corned beef, green onions, sauerkraut, and Irish seasonings; lobster rangoon served with sweet chili sauce; and churro bites (Spanish-style fried pastries stuff˜ed with cheddar and green chili). Steaks and salmon glazed with Irish whiskey, pan-fried potato pancakes stu˜ffed with chicken, and house-made bread pudding topped with salted caramel ice cream and Irish whiskey sauce are among the top sellers. Signature cocktails and more than 35 Irish whiskeys are available for adults. Kids can order grilled cheese, pizza, chicken tenders, and burgers from the Wee People menu.

Plentiful options give food for thought to the old Irish proverb printed on the menu: “May we live as long as we want and never want as long as we live.”

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