Collaboration Creates Amazing Art

The artists of St. Louis’s Third Degree Glass Factory are joining creative forces with other artists in the area to create something completely unique. The new exhibit, Elements:A Collaborative Exhibition, combines glass art with other media.

Lake of the Ozarks artist creates colorful tiles

This artist’s work made one young mother burst into tears. She paints bold, beautiful women in bright colors but also cozy, quiet cottages in pastels. Her intriguing tiles can be creative accents in any room. Discover where to see her work.

Musical Genre Informs Art Exhibition

Meet a painter whose work captures a pivotal period in London's trend-setting music scene. He highlights issues about cultural assimilation faced by many Caribbean immigrants.

Captured: An exhibit about POWs

This unique exhibit delves into the stories of Prisoners of War and life behind the wire, as well as the complex relationships between the prisoners and their captors, which surprisingly generated hope on both sides.