City Museum Commemorates Black History Month with Art

The City Museum in St. Louis is a high-energy, family-friendly destination, and where better to display a unique collection of bold, thought-provoking art? The “Blessed by the Ancestors” exhibit features incredible works by St. Louis artists.

Lake of the Ozarks artist creates colorful tiles

This artist’s work made one young mother burst into tears. She paints bold, beautiful women in bright colors but also cozy, quiet cottages in pastels. Her intriguing tiles can be creative accents in any room. Discover where to see her work.

The Many Worlds of Artist Debi Pickler

Artist Debi Pickler isn’t content working in just one medium. Her art runs the gamut from hyperrealistic drawings to whimsical paintings to charming felted animals and beyond. Meet this versatile artist who is always thinking of something new.

Her Beaded Art Blooms with Color

Artist and retired teacher Laura Richardson uses fabric and beads to create blooming beautiful 3D art that adds a touch of summertime color to any season. Learn about the women who inspired her to pursue the dream she never let wilt away.

The Ozarks Inspire Metal Artist Virginia Fisher

Virginia Fisher, a metalsmith from Bucyrus, Missouri, creates art pieces and jewelry inspired by Missouri’s rivers and flora. Copper is her go-to medium and she transforms the versatile metal into stunning pieces that are useful and beautiful.

Paint Till The Cows Come Home

Want a quick history lesson in a Missouri city you’re visiting? Look for a mural in town. Cities large and small in the Show-Me State like to celebrate their heritage—from sliced bread to the Civil War—with murals. One of the newest was unveiled in the summer of 2019 in Green City.

Paint, pottery and a scent experience: Find your next art project in Jefferson City!

Paint, pottery and a scent experience: Find your next art project in Jefferson City!

Ride over to Springfield’s Bicycle Museum

Discover a treasure trove of two-wheeled history, including a bicycle built for 12, a 1911 Wright Brothers bike, and hundreds of other fascinating examples from the earliest models to the modern day. Take a ride to this one-of-a-kind museum

Joplin Unveils New Art Center

Artists and art lovers have a new creative haven in southwest Missouri. Art expert Joan Stack of the State Historical Society of Missouri paints a beautiful picture of opening night at this state-of-the-art gallery and entertainment complex.

Choose Art and Choose Freedom for Abuse Victims

Art is a powerful means of expression. It gives voice to its creator’s thoughts and emotions and can move those who view it in many ways. Art can make us feel happy or sad, peaceful or agitated. But what if art could also be a powerful force for good?