Prayer Wear

For fiber artist Bella Erakko, the craft of weaving altar cloths is a vehicle for sending well-wishes into the world. With each order for a commissioned piece, she asks three questions: What do you want to wrap yourself in—peace, courage, love?

Annual Kansas City Auction Mixes Art & Merriment

Original art adds pizzazz to your home. You’ll discover exquisite art at the annual Kansas City Artists Coalition’s auction. The online preview will get you revved up to bid, and there’s a feature for those who require instant gratification.

City Museum Commemorates Black History Month with Art

The City Museum in St. Louis is a high-energy, family-friendly destination, and where better to display a unique collection of bold, thought-provoking art? The “Blessed by the Ancestors” exhibit features incredible works by St. Louis artists.

Lake of the Ozarks artist creates colorful tiles

This artist’s work made one young mother burst into tears. She paints bold, beautiful women in bright colors but also cozy, quiet cottages in pastels. Her intriguing tiles can be creative accents in any room. Discover where to see her work.

The Heartfelt Art of Ellizabeth Exley

Elizabeth Exley, from Crane, MO, found her artistic niche in needle-felting. The artform involves the clever manipulation of wool to transform it into a delightful 3D creation. Elizabeth weaves together her community and her faith with the art she loves.

Art of Glass

Artist Wanda Tyner creates colorful, textural art with glass. Her work, from functional platters and bowls to conversation-piece wall hangings, always evokes Wanda’s love of nature, travel, and music. Follow her journey from art lover to artist.

Her Beaded Art Blooms with Color

Artist and retired teacher Laura Richardson uses fabric and beads to create blooming beautiful 3D art that adds a touch of summertime color to any season. Learn about the women who inspired her to pursue the dream she never let wilt away.

An Artist Who Didn’t Know It

Glass artist Peggy King from Columbia creates many different items. Each is stunning in its own way. Read about her journey into the creation of art from glass and her commitment to Best of Missouri Hands.

The Ozarks Inspire Metal Artist Virginia Fisher

Virginia Fisher, a metalsmith from Bucyrus, Missouri, creates art pieces and jewelry inspired by Missouri’s rivers and flora. Copper is her go-to medium and she transforms the versatile metal into stunning pieces that are useful and beautiful.

It’s Fair to Say, the State Fair is Fun!

Not many events can claim all this: Competing critters. Marvelous music. Carnival contests. Rousing rides. Blue ribbon baking. Ridin’ & ropin’. Tough tractors. And more. Yep, you know what we’re talking about. But do you know this year’s details?