Lake of the Ozarks Fills

On February 2, 1931, Lake of the Ozarks began to fill after the completion of Bagnell Dam.

August 6, 1929

The Lake of the Ozarks owes its existence to the Osage River and the construction of Bagnell Dam, which began on this date in 1929.

July 25, 2015

Missouri gained additional national accolades on this date in 2015 when USA Today dubbed Lake of the Ozarks the best recreational lake in the country.

February 21, 1931

The gates of Bagnell Dam were closed on this day.

Bagnell Dam Lake of the Ozarks

October 19, 1931

Bagnell Dam was completed and water began to back up forming the Lake of the Ozarks and covering towns like Linn Creek.