Looking Back at a Legend

​​Missouri magazine, a precursor to Missouri Life, caught up with legendary baseball manager Whitey Herzog in 1995. Herzog, who died April 15, 2024, developed an audacious playing style called Whiteyball, which propelled the St. Louis Cardinals through three pennants and a World Series championship.

Redeeming the Reputation of MLB Pitcher Carl Mays

A single throw destroyed the legacy of Mansfield, Missouri native Carl Mays. He is the only major league pitcher who ever killed a batter with a pitch. Nearly a century later, two Mansfield women set out to win him some overdue recognition.

9 Relics You Can See in Missouri

From the jacket worn by Mark Twain to Truman's famous "The Buck Stops Here" sign, you can find these historical icons within the borders of the Show-Me State.

Denkinger Call Alters 1985 World Series

On August 30, 1904, the Great Olympic Marathon debacle unfolds at the Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis, Mo.

May 21, 1947

On this date in Missouri history, Jackie Robinson makes his debut in St. Louis at Sportman’s Park.

February 20, 2004

Albert Pujols signs a $100 million, seven-year deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the top players of the 21st century and of all time, Pujols proved his value for 11 seasons, winning three National League MVP awards. But he shocked fans after the 2011 World Series title when he left St. Louis for a 10-year, $254-million contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

February 13, 1920

This date in Missouri history: The Negro National League is formed in Kansas City. The new league established teams across the Midwest and South, including baseball hotspots like St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City.

July 15, 1939

Cardinals catcher and broadcaster, Mike Shannon (left), was born on this day in St. Louis.