Get Ready to Hit a Fun Homerun

It’s barely spring, but the boys of summer will round the corner of home plate soon. For Royals rooters, the team’s home opener can’t come soon enough. Committed Cards fans feel the same way. We thought we’d pitch in with some fun stats.

Redeeming the Reputation of MLB Pitcher Carl Mays

A single throw destroyed the legacy of Mansfield, Missouri native Carl Mays. He is the only major league pitcher who ever killed a batter with a pitch. Nearly a century later, two Mansfield women set out to win him some overdue recognition.

February 20, 1891 is the birthday of John Wesley Donaldson

February 20, 1891, is the birthday of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, John Wesley Donaldson, who was born in Glasgow, Missouri.  

The Best Baseball Town in America

On January 18, 2015, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig declared St. Louis the “Best Baseball Town” in America.   

Dizzy Dean Signed with the Cardinals

On January 14, 1932, the Cardinals signed 19-year-old Dizzy Dean to his first contract. 

April 4, 2006

On this day in Missouri history, the third version of Busch Stadium opens in St. Louis.

Stan Musial bridge in St. Louis

July 26, 2013

The two sides of the new Stan Musial Memorial Bridge across the Mississippi were joined in the middle on this day in St. Louis.

May 26, 1926

After a fan's nose was broken by a Jim Bottomley home run, the fan sued. In court, "Sunny Jim" was forced to admit that he "intentionally hit the ball to create a situation known as a home run." He had to pay $3,500.