Cheers to 200 Years: 21 Bicentennial Events

Celebrate Missouri's bicentennial all year long.

The Struggle in The Show-Me State

Missouri’s role in the early civil rights movement.

The Bicentennial Quilt Project

Bicentennial project tells the story of Missouri.

Bicentennial Series: The Struggle for Statehood

A historian digs a little deeper into our bicentennial date to figure out if we've actually been celebrating our statehood during the wrong month, and year.

Two Centuries Ago We Began the Long Journey to Statehood

Finally, on December 18, 1818, Congress heard the petition again. This marked the beginning of a long, slow grind toward eventual statehood in 1821. Between 1818 and 1821, the question of Missouri’s status was mired in a contentious debate over slavery.