Illustrating corporal punishment, a teacher swats a student's hand with a plastic ruler.

January 15, 1889

The Missouri Reform School was founded at Boonville. (Its existence would be used as a common childhood threat for generations to come.)

A Memorial to a Scholarly Sisterhood

The Enigmatic Kate Tracy Monument in Boonville’s Walnut Grove Cemetery

Missouri State Fair

October 3, 1853

The very first state fair opened in Boonville. State fairs were held in Boonville until 1901.

Fireworks for Life

Boonville man benefits cancer patients with his fireworks stand.

Missouri Flooding, Great Burr Oak

Notley Hawkins Documents the Flooding in Mid-Missouri

Photographer Notley Hawkins captured images of the historic flooding in mid-Missouri with his camera and drone. Plus, learn how you can assist in relief efforts.