Caruthersville Bridge was Completed

On December 1, 1976, the Caruthersville Bridge across the Mississippi was completed on this day. 

Paseo Bridge Closed

On November 19, 2010 the old Paseo Bridge in K.C. was closed in favor of its new replacement. 

“Good Roads” Amendment

On November 2, 1920 the “good roads” amendment was passed to build and improve the state’s roadways and bridges. 

Opening of the Lexington Bridge

On October 31, 1924, the Lexington Bridge across the Missouri was opened. In 2005 it was replaced with a more modern structure.

August 16, 1958

Named for the founder of St. Charles, the Blanchette Bridge was dedicated on this date. It carries I-70 traffic across the Missouri.

Broadway Bridge Kansas City

September 9, 1956

The Broadway Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River, opened in Kansas City.