Discover Central Missouri’s Hidden Gems

We searched every corner of Missouri for hidden gems and thanks to our Missouri Life Ambassadors, we found one in each county: 114 of them! Here we explore places in central Missouri that you’ll want to add to your destination wish list.

Hit Song by Sara Evans

On January 19, 2001, “Born to Fly” hits number one for Sara Evans. The central Missouri native hit number one for the first time with the song “Born to Fly,” which also earned Evans her first Country Music Awards win (Video of the Year.)

Fancy mixed liquor drink being served at a bar in Missouri

January 19, 1864

Missouri was under marshal law and selling liquor was prohibited. In Central Missouri, Lt. Franklin Swope was on a crusade to seize illicit liquor and he seized brandy in three different places including the property of a miller, an army sergeant, and a local judge.

Barbecue platter St. Louis BBQ style at local restaurant

Terrific Tiger Tailgates

Have the perfect game days at these Columbia hot spots.