August 5, 1861

The Battle of Athens was fought in Athens, Missouri. This Civil War skirmish was the most northern battle west of the Mississippi, and it resulted in a Union victory. Today, you can go visit the Battle of Athens State Historic Site.

July 31, 1837

William Clarke Quantrill was born on this day.

Battle of Glasgow

October 15, 1864

The battle of Glasgow began on this day. Four hundred Union soldiers and fifty Confederates lost their lives in this rebel victory.

November 6, 1861

U.S. Grant sailed 3000 troops down the Mississippi to defeat confederate forces at the Battle of Belmont, Missouri.

Battle of Pilot Knob Missouri Civil War

September 27, 1864

The Battle of Pilot Knob was fought saving St. Louis and Jefferson City from Price’s Confederates. It truly was a turning point in the war’s western theater.

The Man Who Killed Quantrill

The residents of Lawrence, Kansas, would never forget what happened on August 21, 1863, if indeed they were lucky enough to survive. The reason for the bloody raid that left nearly two hundred men dead and caused between $1 million and $1.5 million in damage (in 1863 dollars) is still the subject of speculation.