The Most Beautiful Angel

Missouri Life’s editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby, tells a wonderful holiday story. Loving, losing, and finding her angel tree-topper with the dress made by Sandy’s grandmother. And, of course, this angel was in the last place she could look.

Ron Marr: Not Ready For Prime Time

Missouri Life columnist Ron Marr is not ready for prime time. He misses the Sears and Montgomery Ward cataloges and muses on what “Black Friday'' really means. Maybe we should all consider what the holidays are really about.

Ron Marr is Too Poor To Pay Attention

Missouri Life columnist Ron Marr fills us in on what made him happy back in 2007. As you can imagine one of those things are his dogs which is still the case today. As his birthday approaches, find out what else Ron was waxing philosophical about 16 years ago.

The Candidacy of Dorian Gray

Longtime columnist Ron Marr navigates the doctor’s office. He can take the poking and jabbing just not all the interrogation that started once he turned 60. Should we be checking on our elder statesmen who are seeking election too?

Ice in Wine is Just Fine!

Missouri Life wine columnist Doug Frost lets us know that chilling down wine with ice is just fine. Temperature affects flavor and wine that is too warm just does not taste good. So drop a few cubes in your favorite wine and enjoy.

Lorry and Her Family in a Falling Elevator!

Lorry Myers’ column has graced the pages of Missouri Life for many years. We read about her ups and downs. This column shows us how her love of family and her fear of elevators come together for a wild ride and a fortunate emergency brake.

Lorry and Her Mom Face Reality and Don’t Like It One Bit.

Missouri Life’s longtime columnist, Lorry Myers, is facing the heartbreaking reality that her mother, Bette, is not coming home (not yet). Her columns range from gut-busting funny to heart wrenching. One thing they are for sure, is real.

A Love Story That Almost Got Skunked

Columnist Ron Marr takes you along for his daily walk with his love-struck dog Cooper and the neighbor pup, the irresistible Sookie. But trouble lurks for the pair. Will Cooper and Sookie’s new romance survive her dalliance with a skunk?

When Mom Shouldn’t Drive

Our “No Place Like Home” columnist, Lorry Myers, was exasperated with her mom when she thought her mother had agreed not to drive anymore. This poignant short tale describes how they both handled it.