The Statewide Holiday Cookie Exchange

Exchanging holiday treats is a time-honored tradition and what is better than a batch of fresh-baked goodies from a friend or family member. Missouri Life reached out and got cookies, their stories, and recipes from all across the state. Try one of these recipes for your own cookie exchange.

Roast In So Much Tomato Flavor

Summer is in full swing and tomatoes are coming on strong. This confit is a great way to grab all the flavor of the season and concentrate it for a variety of uses. Using fresh herbs really makes that summertime taste sing.

Pick A Peck Of BBQ Peppers!

Summer just screams time to barbeque. Just about anything tastes great when you pop it on the grill. Stuffed peppers are no exception to this rule. Use three colors of peppers for a pretty presentation. Pick a peck of peppers and fire up the grill!

Cookie Exchange: Graham Cracker Brownies

Here’s another recipe from our Great Statewide Cookie Exchange, which we’ve been running all month. It’s contributed by a baker who makes at least 20 different cookies in just three days every year to give as gifts

Apple–Oatmeal Cookies

These Oatmeal Cookies are the Yummiest, Chewiest You’ve Ever Tasted

As we continue sharing cookies in our Great Statewide Cookie Exchange this month, this time we turn to a commercial bakery that shared its secret for the yummiest, chewiest oatmeal cookies you ever tasted.

We love Christmas Cookies!

Our Missouri Life Ambassadors recruited talented home bakers from around the state who generously shared their favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Try out this delicious Chocolate Mint Cookie recipe.