Make A Beeline For This Nature Hike

You probably know bees are pollinators, and very beneficial to the environment. But how much do you know about bees that live in an Ozark fen— a wetland fed by groundwater, not rain or surface streams? Here’s a chance to bee-come more informed.

Check Out Zooming Zucchinis!

If you or someone you know has a summer garden with prolific produce (think tomatoes and zucchini), there’s often an excess to consume, freeze, can, or share. A wacky annual event takes a few copious crops off their growers’ plates.

Take A Tour Of Historic Homes

If you appreciate history, architecture, preservation, and restoration, you won’t want to miss a special guided tour of two of the grandest houses in mid-Missouri. Both of these significant historical structures were brought back to life. Where are they?

Celebrate a Slice of History!

There have been many inventions that changed the world: Electricity. Indoor plumbing. The telephone. The computer. The internet. But one innovation was so cutting edge for its time, it merits an annual celebration. And you can be a part of it!

Don’t Miss A “Monument”al Celebration

There have historically been many Missourians who’ve championed civil rights: Grace Bumbry, Elizabeth Keckley, Frankie Freeman, James Beckwourth, and others. But one in particular is the focus of a significant celebration worth attending.

Go Red, White & New For the Fourth!

July Fourth is the quintessential summer holiday! Celebrating our nation’s independence with the traditional grilling, gathering, and fireworks is always great. But if you’re looking for something with a slightly different flavor, here’s an idea.

It’s Time For Some Tom-foolery!

Everyone knows Mark Twain’s classic characters Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Twain famously chronicled their adventures growing up in the 1840s along the Mississippi River. Ready to relive some of those days?

‘Cue The ‘Cue–The Barbecue, That Is!

Do you love good barbecue? A dry rub delight or smothered in sauce? Here's your chance to cut to the chase, and try all kinds of delicious cuts of meat at an epic all-you-can eat event! Ribs, brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, turkey, chicken, and more.

“Ears” to A Fun Festival!

Sweet corn is a summer staple. Whether it’s boiled, grilled in the husk, served Mexican street style, or some other way, it’s a compelling cob. Find out where you can enjoy a veritable cornucopia of sweet corn-related fun June 23–24.

Don’t Let This Event Fly By

Butterflies aren’t only beautiful, they’re beneficial. They do a wide range of environmental good, including pollination, natural pest control, and as a food source for birds and other insect-eaters. You can learn more at an engaging event.