Morel Grounds

Now is the time to indulge in Missouri’s favorite mushroom—the morel. In Reeds Spring, this festival brings together first-time and experienced foragers alike for a mushroom hunt in an Ozark canyon bottom, followed by a night of live music.

Doniphan Prepares to Party in Darkness

With thousands of visitors converging for the total solar eclipse—and temporarily boosting the population by 120% to 2000%—this little river town is ready for the big show. A weekend of events highlights the area's culture, history, and natural beauty.

From Dragons to Pandas: Animals Aglow Takes the St. Louis Zoo by Storm

Experience the magic of an Animals Aglow adventure at the Saint Louis Zoo! Over 60 dazzling Chinese lanterns illuminate pathways and showcase wildlife and Chinese culture. Interactive displays, cultural opportunities, and Asian delicacies await!

This Event Is For The Birders!

Here’s a free all-day birding camp for the entire family. Play “Guess Who” to identify our feathered friends. Pack a picnic or visit the restaurant on site. It’s a great time to see birds because of the still leafless trees and migrating birds.

Collaboration Creates Amazing Art

The artists of St. Louis’s Third Degree Glass Factory are joining creative forces with other artists in the area to create something completely unique. The new exhibit, Elements:A Collaborative Exhibition, combines glass art with other media.

Spend the Weekend with Elvis

Put on your blue suede shoes and head to Branson next weekend for the 17th Annual Branson Elvis Festival. Enjoy great music and amazing competition as 19 talented Elvis tribute artists compete for prizes and a spot in the national contest.

Chocolate Extravaganza

Sweet Tooth Alert: This festival in a charming, historic river town will treat you to 20 vendors sharing chocolates. Free give-aways, prize drawings, and music round out this paradise for chocolate lovers. Get your passport to chocoholic bliss.

A Family-Friendly Musical

This Tony Award-winning musical has an uplifting message, bright and colorful characters, cool music by some famous artists, and is a family-friendly production that can be enjoyed by young children and Grandma and Grandpa, too. You’ll leave with a smile!

Attend a Cosmic Concert

Let the power of music lead you through the universe. A creatively themed concert, The Elements, starts with a big bang, takes you across a river, and even promises to control the elements in space on a journey to the international space station.

Cheers to the Brew Fest!

Raise a glass and toast this Ozark town that is hosting a Brew Fest as a fundraiser to support the arts. Expect half-a-dozen independent breweries and a couple of big distributors representing another dozen breweries, both classics to trendy.