Kansas City Blues was Founded

On January 26, 1924, the National Football League franchised the team farthest west of all their teams, the Kansas City Blues.   

October 31, 1891

The University of Missouri football team played the Kansas Jayhawks for the first time beginning one of the oldest football rivalry in the nation. It ended in 2012 when Missouri joined the SEC and Kansas refused to play against Missouri.

October 30, 1900

The entire University of Missouri football team resigned. They were upset because the university was requiring that players be full-time students with good grades. 

Super Bowl XXXVI football St. Louis Rams New England Patriots

February 3, 2002

The St. Louis Rams were in the Super Bowl vs. the New England Patriots in a game which spawned a scandal.

Superbowl I Kansas City Chiefs

January 15, 1967

The Kansas City Chiefs appeared in the nation’s very first Super Bowl.

Homecoming at Mizzou. Photo courtesy University of Missouri.

November 30, 1916

The Mizzou football team beat Kansas 13-0 and finished their most profitable season to date. They made a profit of $11,490.96 for the year.