A Great Oppor-tune-ity For Fun!

Have you ever thought about the important role music plays in scary movies and shows? It can create an eerie atmosphere and build suspense. So, in the spirit of the season, check out “Ghouling Pianos,” an interactive musical comedy experience.

Don’t Miss A Spooky, Spoke-tacular Ride!

If you’re into Halloween, dressing up in a spooky or sultry costume, and riding your boo-cycle, you’ll want to check out a monstrously fun event on Saturday, October 28, 2023. Join other ghouls and guys for an awesome bike-based evening!

Check Out This Spooky Spectacle

Do you have a fear of the forest? Do you mistrust trees? Worried about what may be hiding behind them? The woods can be a scary place. Just ask Hansel and Gretel! Are you willing to take a chilling walk through a dark forest before Halloween?

Enjoy Halloween Creepies and Crawlies…

…Emphasis on the crawl-ies! Halloween bar crawls have become increasingly popular. Whether zombie-themed or simply costumed, more and more towns and cities are offering these “spirited” celebrations for adults during the Halloween holiday.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and especially so in Benton County, MO!

Experience the smell of your campfire while wearing your comfy flannels, the cool autumn breeze while fishing on Truman Lake, a soothing cup of coffee from one of our many coffee shops - all to relax your cares away!

A Room With a Boo: Stay At These Haunted Hotels

The Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn, 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City, and The Elms Hotel & Spa have all found a successful formula by combining fine accommodations with a touch of spooky lore. Learn how you can do a haunted stay at these hotels, plus several more from around the state.

Pumpkin Palooza by the River

A Pumpkin Palooza by the River

This lovely river town hosts a pumpkin palooza that will delight all with pony rides, a monkey bus, a merchants’ candy crawl, story time, Lollypop the balloon artist, costume judging, pumpkin rolling, plus concessions and vendors.

Fun to run or to watch

Fitness really can be fun! The runners will be in costume. Families can do the one-mile fun run, and there are Halloween adventures on other courses in this picturesque town, too.

Pumpkin Cider Bread makes a terrific fall treat

Pumpkin Cider Bread is a yummy fall treat. You can use prepared pumpkin, or cook one of your leftover pumpkins after Halloween. It also makes a tasty gift for the holidays.