Check Out This Holiday Horse Happening!

What a perfect way to enjoy the holiday lights and slights – a free horse drawn “carriage” ride! Bundle up and take your seats, then ooh and ahh at the decorations. Find out where you can clip and clop and see the decked-out shops.

Rollin’, Rollin,’ Rollin’

Those of a certain age are familiar with the Western Heritage Award-winning TV series Rawhide. Every Friday night for six years, a crew of seasoned cowboys drove herds of Texas cattle toward the railhead at Sedalia, Missouri.

Horses Who Heal

Sunny Oak Equine Assisted Activities at Rocheport helps children reach their full potential.

The Wild Horses of Shannon County

Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Famer captures the wild horses of the Ozarks.

The Ballad of Randy Cate: Show-Me State Cowboy

Cowboy Randy Cate garners the Chester A. Reynolds award for a life spent on horseback.