June 17, 1946

Did cell phone service really begin 76 years ago? Find the answer with Missouri History Today at missourilife.com.

May 10, 1957

On this date in Missouri history, African American entrepreneur Annie Pope Malone dies. She grew her small business into a household name in the early 1900s, making her one of the wealthiest women in St. Louis.

April 5, 1921

On this date in Missouri history, the citizens of St. James elect the first female mayor in the state.

March 16, 1964

Walt Disney meets with St. Louis officials to discuss plans for the Riverfront Square theme park. But his plans were met with resistance, particularly from August "Gussie" Busch Jr., who insisted that if a theme park were to be built at the site, Disney would have to sell beer

March 10, 1963

On this day in history, Missouri’s Supreme Court ends deliberations on “Blue Laws,” which prohibit shopping on Sunday. According to the 137-year-old law, the only items that stores were able to sell were “articles of immediate necessity.”

March 1, 1912

The first parachute jump from an airplane takes place in St. Louis. U.S. Army Captain Albert Berry made history when he got into an airplane, took off from Kinloch Field, and then jumped out over Jefferson Barracks Army Base.

February 27, 1851

On this date in Missouri history: Missouri lawmakers kickstart “Plank Road Mani.” The biggest, longest, and most planked road in America, the Missouri Plank Road, eventually stretched more than 42 miles, running from Sainte Genevieve through Farmington to Iron Mountain.

February 24, 1853

On this date in Missouri history, Lindenwood College is chartered as a women’s college. The university at St. Charles was incorporated by a special act of the Missouri Legislature as the Lindenwood College for Women, making it the oldest women’s college in the “West.”

February 18, 1859

The city of Pacific is incorporated after changing its name from Franklin. With two towns in the state called Franklin, there were issues with mail and train service, as both towns were right along the rails.

February 16, 1847

On this date in Missouri history: The State Lunatic Asylum, now known as Fulton State Hospital, is approved to open in Fulton. Missouri legislators wanted to address the problems of housing and treating people with mental health issues, many of whom were dangers to themselves and others.