Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis

April 29, 1927

The Spirit of St. Louis is completed, and Charles Lindbergh takes it for a test flight. Although this flight happened in San Diego, there was significant attention paid to this flight in Missouri. The revolutionary monoplane that was destined to make the first transatlantic flight had been paid for mostly by families from St. Louis.

Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis

December 27, 1926

Charles Lindbergh was turned down by his boss, William B. Robertson, for help in financing his solo Trans-Atlantic flight. He already had $1,000 from Albert Bond Lambert. The Post-Dispatch also turned Lindy down, but business leaders Harry Hall Knight and Harold Bixby would say yes.

November 3, 1926

This date in Missouri history: Airmail pilot Charles "Lucky Lindy" Lindbergh survived his fourth parachute jump. His plane ran out of fuel over Bloomington, Illinois.