April 27, 1822

Birthday of President, General, and adoptive Missourian Hiram Ulysses Grant (aka Ulysses S. Grant).

Enoch Herbert Crowder is Born: April 11, 1859

Enoch Herbert Crowder was born  in Edinburg, Missouri, on this date in 1859.

Battle of Pea Ridge illustration

The Battle of Pea Ridge Begins: March 7, 1862

The Battle of Pea Ridge at the Missouri-Arkansas border decimated the power of Confederate forces in Missouri.

William T. Sherman Funeral Procession in St. Louis

William Tecumseh Sherman’s Funeral is Held: February 21, 1891

William Tecumseh Sherman’s funeral mass and burial were held in St. Louis on this date in 1891.

Omar Bradley

Omar Bradley is Born: February 12, 1893

Omar Nelson Bradley was born in Clark on this date in 1893. The legendary WWII general and first-ever chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was born into a poor family who lived in Randolph County.

The first edition of the Stars and Stripes newspaper

Relics: Stars and Stripes Museum and Library

Since the first Stars and Stripes was printed in Bloomfield in 1861, the Department of Defense designated Bloomfield as the birthplace of the Stars and Stripes newspaper. The Missouri Stars and Stripes was printed only once during the Civil War. It wouldn’t see publication again until World War I, when it was an eight-page weekly. Publication stopped after WWI, then for the first nine months of World War II, it was restarted.

July 14, 1818

General Nathaniel Lyon was born on this day. He was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, making him the first Union general to fall during the Civil War.

April 29, 1898

Missouri was requested to provide five regiments of infantry and one battery of light artillery for the Spanish-American War. 

March 13, 1861

Nathaniel Lyon took command of the St. Louis Arsenal on this day.

Uriel Sebree

February 20, 1848

Birthday of Uriel Sebree, in Fayette, Missouri. He served as Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, Arctic Explorer, Governor of American Samoa.