Caruthersville Bridge was Completed

On December 1, 1976, the Caruthersville Bridge across the Mississippi was completed on this day. 

March 11, 1987

On this day in Missouri history, the Admiral riverboat opens again on the Mississippi River. The popular attraction along the St. Louis riverfront arrived in 1940 and stopped cruising in the late 1970s when it was grounded by the Coast Guard for structural weakness.

Mississippi River in Missouri

August 19, 1877

Several noted scientists expressed interest in recent reports of a "sea serpent" sighted in the Mississippi River at eastern Missouri. It was described as 30-feet-long with dark scales, a head like a dog, and a mouth like a pelican.

De Le Salle

March 19, 1687

The French explorer Robert de La Salle, who expeditioned in Missouri and the Mississippi Valley, was murdered on this date by mutineers.

Mississippi River Frozen

January 7, 1856

The Mississippi River was frozen over, and people were walking across.

Legends in Perry County

Mound Builders, Germans, and the Mississippi River define the area.

Smithsonian Magazine

December 16, 1811

The first shocks occurred in the largest earthquake ever to shake North America. It was centered on the New Madrid Fault in Missouri. Read More about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

Mississippi River in Missouri

September 13, 1993

The Mississippi river finally dropped below flood stage after a total of 124 days of flooding.

Frozen Mississippi River St. Louis

January 17, 1854

The Mississippi was frozen over and a saloon keeper set up business in the middle of the river.