The Death of Tina Isa

On November 6, 1989, Tina Isa was stabbed to death by her father saying, “Die my daughter, die,” while her mother held her arms.

December 24, 1881

Jolly old Jesse James dressed as Santa Claus for his two children, Jesse Jr., age 6, and Mary, age 2. It was to be Jesse's last Christmas.

Old time, vintage clothing store

December 17, 1931

C.C. McCallon’s clothing store in West Plains was robbed by Ma Barker’s gang.  It was noted that they took over $2,000 worth of clothing and only the latest fashions.

Photo illustration of a hooded bank robber making off with a big bag of cash.

December 11, 1919

Robert Pankey of Eldorado Springs was a model youth. He was said to never swear, smoke, or touch liquor. But, on this day, he held up the Bank of Washburn and took $12,850.

Image from inside an old one-room school house.

November 29, 1918

This date in Missouri history: They had a pie supper at the Perkins School in Manes, Mo. The 21-year-old teacher, Joe Todd, was shot clean through. There was no suspect; the teacher recovered.