Battle of the Hemp Bales

Take in all of the Civil War history that fills the Anderson House and the nearby 100-acre battlefield. Find out all about the Battle of Hemp Bales and relive what a field hospital was really like.

The Ancient Bones at Mastodon State Historic Site

Seeing the history play out in the ancient bones and other artifacts at Mastodon State Historic Site is an eye-opening experience. Stop by the visitor's center to see a life-sized replica of a mastodon, then follow the self-guided trail to the excavations site.

Ella Ewing

March 9, 1872

Ella Ewing, the “Missouri Giantess,” was born. She grew to be the world’s tallest woman of her time, reaching 8-feet, 4-inches.

Winston Churchill Fulton Missouri Iron Curtain Speech

Winston Churchill Delivers His Iron Curtain Speech: March 5, 1946

Winston Churchill gives his "Iron Curtain" speech at Westminster College in Fulton. Churchill used the phrase "Iron Curtain" to define the division between Western nations and Soviet powers.

Masten Gregory, “The Kansas City Flash,” is Born: February 29, 1932

Masten Gregory, "The Kansas City Flash," was born in Kansas City on February 29, 1932. As a driver on Europe’s top racing circuits during the sport’s deadliest years, Masten became known for high-speed bailouts when faced with a major crash.

Civil War History at the Battle of Carthage State Historic Site.

More than 1,100 Civil War battles were fought in Missouri. Our state parks system focuses on six sites. The Battle of Carthage State Historic Site is one not to be missed. There are interpretive displays and a Civil War museum near the square in Carthage, as well as the fields where the battles took place.

See Our German Heritage at Deutschheim State Historic Site

Visit the Pommer-Gentner house and the Strehly house at this State Historic Site. See a  printing press similar to what was used to print one of the first German language newspapers west of the Mississippi. To round out your visit take a stroll through historic Hermann.

Learn About Osage Village State Historic Site

Osage Village State Historic Site has a unique part to play in helping Missourians understand their state and the Native people that lived at this site. Visit the Brown Site where a wealth of recovered artifacts now documents the village.

Leon Spinks Muhammad Ali boxing

Leon Spinks Defeats Ali: February 15, 1978

February 15, 1978 – St. Louis boxer Leon Spinks defeats “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali, to win the undisputed heavyweight championship title in a split decision. It was only the eighth professional bout for Spinks.

Governor Alexander Dockery

Governor Alexander Dockery is Born: February 11, 1845

February 11, 1845, is the birthday of Alexander Dockery, Governor and Congressman from Gallatin and Chillicothe.