Grow Green with pure air native plants

Pure Air Natives has been supplying Missouri and adjacent states with high-quality native seed and plant material for more than 25 years. The Pure Air Natives team has worked with farmers, recreational landowners, developers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, owners and enthusiasts on projects across the Midwest.

Here’s Our Guide to Growing Native Plants

By landscaping with native Missouri plants, gardeners with the palest of green thumbs can enjoy such views just like the pros, all while knowing they’ve done their part to nurture complex ecosystems.

5 Overlooked / Underutilized Maples

Red maples are by far the most popular type of maple we see being used, but there are numerous lesser-known maple varieties than can add interest and fill different niches in the landscape.  Utilizing these other varieties can give your landscape that little touch of something unique to help set it apart from every other house.  

Think Small: All About Micro-Gardening

Experts agree it is important to incorporate Missouri native plants into whatever garden you tend, even if there isn’t room for an extravagant setup.