Tom Pendergast

Tom Pendergast is Indicted: April 7, 1939

Democrat political boss, Tom Pendergast, was indicted on income tax charges. Prior to this he had almost complete control of Kansas City and the state Capitol was known as "Uncle Tom's Cabin

November 24, 1921

This date in Missouri history. The state’s Attorney General’s Office determined that, while women were now allowed to vote and hold official positions, they could not serve on juries because being a jury member was not an official position. 

Prohibition Protest St. Louis

March 31, 1919

People across the state were protesting prohibition. A crowd of 10,000 assembled at the St. Louis Coliseum.

January 26, 1945

An era ended on this date when "Boss" Tom Pendergast died. With his Kansas City Democrat machine he controlled Missouri politics for years.

Governor Daniel Dunklin's Grave

January 14, 1790

Daniel Dunklin was born on this day. Dunklin was the fifth Governor of Missouri and is sometimes called the Father of Missouri Public Schools.

Missouri State Capitol Interior Rotunda

December 31, 1821

Governor McNair signed a bill that designated the site for the City of Jefferson, which was to become the capital city for Missouri.

Dewey Defeats Truman St. Louis Union Station Harry S Truman

November 3, 1948

At the St. Louis Union Station, Harry Truman displayed the famous newspaper headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

Missouri State Seal

March 30, 1945

Missouri's present Constitution became effective. It is our fourth.

Warren Hearnes Missouri Mule

January 13, 1969

The young man from a background of extreme poverty was sworn in on this date to become the first Missouri Governor to serve consecutive terms. His name was Warren E. Hearnes.