Hit Song by Sara Evans

On January 19, 2001, “Born to Fly” hits number one for Sara Evans. The central Missouri native hit number one for the first time with the song “Born to Fly,” which also earned Evans her first Country Music Awards win (Video of the Year.)

MR340 Canoe Race

Dodging Barges, Hallucinating, and Lost on the Big Muddy: Inside the MR340

Hundreds of paddlers from around the world will undertake the MR340 next year, a grueling 340-mile race on the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles. Get a taste for the adventure from these veteran competitors, and pick a point along the river to watch.

See These 8 Classic General Stores

Missouri’s general stores of yore offered shoppers everything they needed—and a lot of what they wanted—along with a generous side serving of local news, gossip, and a few tall tales.