High School Basketball Superstar

On February 15, 1977, Kevin Williams of Nevada blocked 20 of Mt. Vernon’s shots in a high school basketball game.

Patent of Chalk Eraser

On February 13, 1890, Professor James T. Dougherty of De Soto patented a chalk eraser on blackboards.

Cold Temperatures Across Missouri

On February 12, 1899, Missouri was in the middle of a terrible cold snap. It was -16˚ in St. Louis. Columbia recorded its coldest day ever, with 26˚ below zero. There it was -20˚ or colder for eight straight days! On the 12th, Springfield dropped to 29˚ below zero – it's the coldest night ever! 

Satchel Paige inducted in Hall of Fame

On February 10, 1971, Satchel Paige was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  

Below Zero Temperature

On February 9, 1979, pets and livestock were a big concern in Southwest Missouri on this date. The temperature fell to 17˚ below zero in Springfield. 

Missouri Synod was Founded

On February 8, 1839, on Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church was founded.  

Cow Causes Train to Derail

On February 7, 1947, a cow derailed the northbound train on St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern railway near Hematite. James Franey, the engine driver, and W. Childs, the fireman, were killed. 

Missouri State Capitol was Destroyed Again

On February 5, 1911, the second Missouri State Capitol was destroyed by fire. A bolt of lightning hit the dome of the Missouri State Capitol, sparking a fire that tore through the building. Firefighters across mid-Missouri rushed to Jefferson City to try and save the building.

No Butter at the Market

On February 4, 1882, the Pierce City Weekly Empire declared no lard or butter in the market. They also said that “hen fruit” was 15 cents since the hens were on strike.

February 3, 1918 is the Birthday of Helen Stephens

February 3, 1918, is the birthday of the fastest woman in the world, Helen Stephens from Fulton, MO.  Known internationally as “The Fulton Flash.”