Francis Preston Blair, Jr.

Francis Preston Blair Jr. is Born: February 19, 1821

Francis Preston Blair Jr., Missouri senator and soldier, was born on this date in 1821.

Alexander McNair Missouri's First Governor

August 28, 1820

Missouri's first statewide elections were held. Alexander McNair was elected Governor. Missouri was still one year away from officially becoming a state. Read our story about Missouri's first territorial governors here.

Jefferson City Missouri Capitol Building

November 7, 1922

Mellcene Thurman Smith and Sarah Lucille Turner became the first women elected to the State Legislature.

Valentine Tapley 12 Foot Beard Frankford Missouri

November 6, 1860

This was the last day that Valentine Tapley shaved. He promised his Pike County friends that if Lincoln were to be elected, he would never shave again. His beard grew to over 12 ½ feet. 

Dewey Defeats Truman St. Louis Union Station Harry S Truman

November 3, 1948

At the St. Louis Union Station, Harry Truman displayed the famous newspaper headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

June 21, 1923

In an early attempt at networking before the days of broadcast networks President Warren G. Harding's speech from the annual national assembly of Rotary Clubs in St. Louis was sent by telephone lines from KSD radio to other stations in the U.S.

March 2, 1829

The radical reformer, statesman, general, and Missouri Senator Carl Schurz was born on this day. He is famous for saying: " My country, right or wrong ; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right."

William H Hatch

September 11, 1833

William Henry Hatch, Missouri’s Congressman and agricultural innovator, was born. Hatch Hall at the University of Missouri in Columbia was named in his honor. 

Senator Thomas Eagleton

September 4, 1929

US Senator Thomas Eagleton was born in St. Louis. Outside of Missouri, he is most remembered for being the Democratic vice presidential nominee under George McGovern in 1972.