April 16, 1857

On this date in Missouri history, Henry Smith Pritchett is born on a farm in Fayette. His father was a brilliant professor and college president, Carr Walter Pritchett, who was director of the Morrison Observatory.

April 15, 1889

Thomas Hart Benton is born in Neosho, Missouri. He became one of the most famous artists in America in the 1900s and helped develop the regionalist movement, which exposed lives of average Americans in the Midwest to a larger audience.

Missouri Life Q&A: The Good Steward

Bob Yapp bought his first house while he was still in high school and conveniently forgot to tell his parents about the purchase. He eventually confessed to his parents, and forgiveness came quickly when he told them about his $60,000 profit.

March 20, 1811

Birthday of "The Missouri Artist," George Caleb Bingham.

March 16, 1964

Walt Disney meets with St. Louis officials to discuss plans for the Riverfront Square theme park. But his plans were met with resistance, particularly from August "Gussie" Busch Jr., who insisted that if a theme park were to be built at the site, Disney would have to sell beer

Inside Walt Disney’s Life in Marceline

Very little remains of the once massive cottonwood tree Walter Elias Disney called his “Dreaming Tree.” The coarse, woody debris is an anchor tying a small town in Missouri to the pioneer of the American entertainment industry.

July 17, 1917

Phyliss Ada Driver was born on this date. From her home in Webster Groves she performed and became a regular at the Gaslight Square where she was known as Phyliss Diller. She went on to fame with Bob Hope and others.

July 16, 1911

Sweetheart song and dance woman Ginger Rogers was born. The beauty from Independence and Kansas City was famous for her duet-dances with longtime dance partner Fred Astaire. Read her biography here.

July 11, 1739

Birthday of Louis Blanchette who founded St. Charles in 1769.

July 9, 1804

Lewis and Clark were exploring in present day Holt County.