Ron Marr: Of Mice and Me

Missouri Life Musings columnist Ron Marr battles critters set on ruining his truck. Unlike nature featured in glossy vacations guides, Ron's experience with Mother Nature is decidedly not that great. At least the mice are happy.

Ron Marr: Not Ready For Prime Time

Missouri Life columnist Ron Marr is not ready for prime time. He misses the Sears and Montgomery Ward cataloges and muses on what “Black Friday'' really means. Maybe we should all consider what the holidays are really about.

Ron Marr is Too Poor To Pay Attention

Missouri Life columnist Ron Marr fills us in on what made him happy back in 2007. As you can imagine one of those things are his dogs which is still the case today. As his birthday approaches, find out what else Ron was waxing philosophical about 16 years ago.

The Candidacy of Dorian Gray

Longtime columnist Ron Marr navigates the doctor’s office. He can take the poking and jabbing just not all the interrogation that started once he turned 60. Should we be checking on our elder statesmen who are seeking election too?

Ron’s Three Dog Night!

Ten years ago, our columnist Ron Marr wrote about adding a third dog to his pack. Meet Max and find out how the gang is doing. Ron’s secret “scent bonding” makes Max’s introduction go as smooth as silk. Their days are filled with thrown balls and naps.


Ron Marr has been a columnist in Missouri Life for a really long time. His wit, insights, and commentary are sure to keep us grounded and laughing out loud. And we always want to find out what his dogs are up to. Here is a look back at what Ron had to say in 2013.

Ron Marr Vs. the Smartphone

Columnist Ron Marr prefers to keep things simple, so when faced with the necessity of getting a smartphone, he was understandably reluctant. Has technology-averse Ron learned to embrace his fancy new device or will he hang up the phone?

Memory Boosters

“Musings On Life” Columnist Ron Marr looks to stave off the mental decline of advancing age by following the advice he found in a magazine. What challenges lie ahead as he looks to adopt some new habits and get rid of some unhealthy old ones?

The Right to Arm Bears

An accidental word scramble sends our columnist, Ron Marr, on a search through Missouri’s laws about bear wrestling. And that conjures up a childhood memory about Cletus, Cleo, and the legend of a professional bear wrestler Ransom Prine.

The Backpacker Saxaphone

Our Musings columnist Ron Marr relates an amusing music-related experience when he went out on a limb and crafted a one-of-a-kind saxophone. The result was an unexpected and gloriously weird windfall from a woodwind.