Memory Boosters

“Musings On Life” Columnist Ron Marr looks to stave off the mental decline of advancing age by following the advice he found in a magazine. What challenges lie ahead as he looks to adopt some new habits and get rid of some unhealthy old ones?

The Right to Arm Bears

An accidental word scramble sends our columnist, Ron Marr, on a search through Missouri’s laws about bear wrestling. And that conjures up a childhood memory about Cletus, Cleo, and the legend of a professional bear wrestler Ransom Prine.

The Backpacker Saxaphone

Our Musings columnist Ron Marr relates an amusing music-related experience when he went out on a limb and crafted a one-of-a-kind saxophone. The result was an unexpected and gloriously weird windfall from a woodwind.

What Makes a Teacher Unqualified?

Our columnist notes that 3,000 teaching positions were left vacant or filled by someone not qualified. He takes a humorous look back to his own school days and wonders what makes a teacher unqualified?

Blackout poetry: The Battle of the Backyard

Missouri Life magazine readers will recognized the image below, but the new spin—a blackout poem based on the article "The Battle of the Backyard," by Missouri Life columnist Ron Marr—gives the article unique perspective.


Chasing the Ghosts of April

It seems I always hear the wild geese in April.