Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living spaces are a growing trend in landscape design. They enhance your space’s livability, increase your ability to host or take the edge off, and they add value to your home.

The landscape experts

There is more than one right answer for every design, it just comes down to the client’s taste and the architecture. Building the perfect material palette is a vital step in the process.

Superior Garden Center welcomes new perennials

Superior Garden Center is always excited when spring comes around to see what is rolling into our garden center. There are many new perennials on the market, but we want to share a few of the new and improved we are carrying for 2022.

Exciting new tree and shrub varieties for 2022

Here are a few great new tree and shrub varieties to look for in 2022. 

Timing is key with landscape maintenance

If you have thousands of dollars invested into your outdoor living space, it’s important to have a maintenance plan in mind. The life expectancy of a landscape changes drastically based on how it is maintained.