14 Family-Friendly Destinations

These 14 affordable, family-friendly Missouri destinations will thrill both children and adults. We’ve got fun stops for families who love the outdoors, and for those who’d rather spend summer days out of the heat. Start planning your route!

March 31, 2017

Missouri History Today is a daily post that chronicles important events and dates in the Show-Me State.

December 21, 1959

This date in Missouri history: The talking chimp, Mr. Moke, was kidnapped from the St. Louis Zoo. The chimp-napper was hoping to take the bright primate to Hollywood and get rich.

Enjoy Christmas Lights, New Restaurants, and More in St. Louis

Missouri's second-largest city is full of holiday activities and a couple of new businesses.

December 2, 1913

St. Louis Mayor Kiel signed an ordinance establishing a zoo in St. Louis in Forest Park. The idea was almost killed because of a lawn-mowing dispute.

End of Summer Fun in St. Louis

Discover virtual art festivals, socially distanced events, rooftop karaoke, and more in St. Louis.