March 31, 2017

Missouri History Today is a daily post that chronicles important events and dates in the Show-Me State.

December 21, 1959

This date in Missouri history: The talking chimp, Mr. Moke, was kidnapped from the St. Louis Zoo. The chimp-napper was hoping to take the bright primate to Hollywood and get rich.

Enjoy Christmas Lights, New Restaurants, and More in St. Louis

Missouri's second-largest city is full of holiday activities and a couple of new businesses.

December 2, 1913

St. Louis Mayor Kiel signed an ordinance establishing a zoo in St. Louis in Forest Park. The idea was almost killed because of a lawn-mowing dispute.

End of Summer Fun in St. Louis

Discover virtual art festivals, socially distanced events, rooftop karaoke, and more in St. Louis.