Editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby, rethinks taking modern amenities for granted

Missouri Life editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby realizes that taking modern amenities for granted does not give credit to the people who lived without them. We should all take more care to recognize the value of clean, accessible water.

The Most Beautiful Angel

Missouri Life’s editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby, tells a wonderful holiday story. Loving, losing, and finding her angel tree-topper with the dress made by Sandy’s grandmother. And, of course, this angel was in the last place she could look.

A Cut Above

Ask a woman about her hairstylist, and you’re likely to unleash a glowing gush. Finding a stylist you love isn’t easy. And when you do find one, your loyalty will rival that of any dog to its pet parent. Just ask our Editor-In Chief Sandy Selby.

A Plant Killer Confesses

There are stories in the March/April 2022 issue of Missouri Life magazine that celebrate gardening, and frankly, that makes me uneasy. I’m afraid my proximity to successful gardeners might somehow blight their efforts.

A waterfall in the Missouri Ozarks.

My Missouri Life

Missouri Life magazine's new editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby, greets readers through the My Missouri Life column.
I popped up from my nest of pillows and books in the back of the family station wagon and announced, “I’m going to live in Missouri when I grow up.” I made that declaration at age nine as my family traveled from our home in northeastern Oklahoma to Branson for a vacation.

New faces join Missouri Life team

Missouri Life magazine has added three new members to its staff to bring readers a look at the people, culture, artwork, food, and stories that define the Show-Me State.