It’s Fair to Say, the State Fair is Fun!

Not many events can claim all this: Competing critters. Marvelous music. Carnival contests. Rousing rides. Blue ribbon baking. Ridin’ & ropin’. Tough tractors. And more. Yep, you know what we’re talking about. But do you know this year’s details?

“Air” On the Side of Fun!

Are your plans for June 9–10 up in the air? They should be! That’s because there’s a fabulous, fun festival happening with hot air balloons, kites, and a whole lot more. Enjoy everything from kite making and crafts to pony rides and live entertainment.

Riding the Katy Trail. That’s my M-O.

Set Out on a Great Adventure Across Missouri

August 17, 1804

How did Sedalia, Missouri get its name? The founder was George Rappen Smith. So where did "Sedalia" come from?